I am a CAD Engineer for a Silicon Valley semiconductor company. My interests are reading, book collecting, building analog synthesizers, going to art galleries and museums, hiking, and cooking.

This website is where I can experiment with things like javascript, animation, css (not yet), and rss (not yet).

Publications, Presentations and Awards:

1st Place Chemistry - 1975 International Science Fair - Oklahoma City.

"Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio Procedure by Thin-Layer Chromatography" William Gasser, PhD, John O'Brien, BS, David Schwan, Daniel Wilcockson, BS, Patricia Bitter - American Journal of Medical Technology, December 1977, volume 43, p. 1155-1159.

"A Low Cost, Highly Integrated 5.8 GHz Low-IF Transceiver for 1.5 Mbps Streaming Data Applications" G. Luff, D. Stegmeir, M. Mostafa, C. Quek, W. Roberts, D. Haab, M. Romney, B. Stutz, D. Walker, K. Tran, S. Tuncer, S. Thilenius, N. Troop, D. Eddowes, E. Lee, K. Laba, D. Schwan, M. Huber, P. Brown, S. Moghe, R. Koupal - IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium 2004.

"Using Synthesis in Big A, Little D Chips" David Schwan, Michael Huber, David Walker - International Cadence Users Group Meeting 2004 (San Jose, CA).

"The Perils of RF IP" David Schwan - IPSOC 2005 (Grenoble France)

"Verification Tools Help PHS Transceiver Take Silicon Form" John Gordon, Venkata Atluri, David Schwan, Nathaniel King - Microwaves & RF, February 2006, p. 57-70.

"A Method of Identifying Analog Cell Mismatch Issues Caused by Photo Mask Misalignment" David Schwan, CDN Live!, 2006 (San Jose, CA). People's Choice winner - Track 3 - Custom IC Design.

“Integrating a SiGe BiCMOS Power Amplifier in a 5.8GHz Transceiver” Shayan Farahvash, Matt Romney, Chee Quek, Xiong Liu, David Schwan, Robert Koupal, ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2006 (Montreux Switzerland).

"Using Thermal Analysis as a Tool to Aid Analog Floorplanning" David Schwan, CDN Live!, 2007 (San Jose, CA). People's Choice winner - Track 9 - Special Interest.

"Tools for Reducing the Hidden Costs in the IP Supply Ecosystem" - Raminderpal Singh, Walter Ng, David Schwan, Adam Traidman; Tutorial; DesignCon 2008 (Santa Clara, CA)

"Raiders of the Locked Art: Opening the Treasure with Interoperable PDKs"; Synopsys Interoperability Breakfast; Design Automation Conference 2008 (Anaheim, CA)

"A 5.8GHz Low-IF Multi-Data Rate GFSK Transceiver with Carrier Recovery and Integrated 21dBm Power Amplifier" C. Quek, S. Farahvash, W. Roberts, M. Romney, D. Walker, C. Otten, R. Wei, D. Schwan, M. Mostafa, D. Haab, J. Liu, H. Liem, R. Koupal, RFIC Symposium 2008 (Atlanta, GA)

"A Tool for Creating RF Wire Bond Models for ICs in the Virtuoso Platform" David Schwan, CDNLive!, 2008 (San Jose, CA). Track 6 Custom IC.

"Using Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool to Measure IP: Two Examples of Case Studies - Hard IP Blocks" David Schwan, GSA IP Conference, 2008 (Santa Clara, CA).

Why Is the GSA's New AMS/RF Process Checklist Useful?" David Schwan, Chip Design Magazine, IP Design, Verification, Integration Newsletter, October 2008.

"Mask Registration and It's Modeling Implications" David Schwan, 1st International MOS-AK Meeting, 2008 (San Fransisco).

US Patent 7881679 - Method and apparatus for integrating power amplifiers with phase locked loop in a single chip transceiver. February 1, 2011.
Photo of David Schwan