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Blacet and Wiard Analog Synthesizer Modules

All modules built as kits except the Wiard Joystick Module, and the Zeroscillator. All have been modified for banana jacks. Blacet modules are available at http://www.blacet.com. Wiard modules are from http://www.wiard.com. The Zeroscillator is from Cyndustries http://www.cyndustries.com.

Top Row

Top Row (from left to right): Bar Graph, Midiverter, Scanner, Sequential Switch, StoneZ, Hex Zone
Middle Row (from left to right): Improbabilty Drive, Binary Zone, Filthy Filter, Cyndustries Zeroscillator
Bottom Row (from left to right): Dual Filter, VCO, VCO Quad Mix, I/O, Wiard Joystick.

Bottom 2 Rows

Top Row (from left to right): Mixer Processor, Final Filtre, EG 1, Wiard Mini Wave, Multi/Attenuator (2).
Bottom Row (from left to right): Frequency Divider (2), KlankWerk, Time Machine, Dark Star Chaos.