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What I've Been Reading Lately - 2021
Titles with links are free EBooks
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1 The Thousandfold Thought R. Scott Bakker January 1
2 The Book of Fate Brad Meltzer January 3
3 The Case of the Left-Handed Lady Nancy Springer January 7
4 The Messenger Jan Burke January 9
5 The Case of the Bizarre Bouquet Nancy Springer January 15
6 The Map of the Sky Felix J. Palma January 16
7 The Map of the Chaos Felix J. Palma January 23
8 The Case of the Peculiar Pink Nancy Springer January 23
9 The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline Nancy Springer January 29
10 The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye Nancy Springer January 30
11 The State of Water: Understanding California's Most Precious Resource Obi Kaufmann February 9
12 Vision: The Complete Collection Tom King February 15
13 The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters Gordon Dalquist February 27
14 The Dark Volume Gordon Dalquist March 16
15 The Ashtray (Or the Man who denied Reality) Errol Morris March 22
16 Inside Moebius, Volume 1 Moebius March 27
17 The Alchemical Marriage Gordon Dalquist April 3
18 Quantum Entanglement Jed Brody April 3
19 The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics Tim Harford April 17