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What I've Been Reading Lately - 2024
Titles with links are free EBooks
Dates with links are comments in my blog

1 The Book of Chaos Volume 2: Infernum in Terra Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffrey January 2
2 Liars For Jesus - The Religious Rights Alternative Version of American History, Volume 2 Chris Rodda January 5
3 Atlas Hugged - The Autobiography of John Galt III David Sloan Wilson January 27
4 The Book of Chaos Volume 3: Pater Tenebrarum Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffrey January 28
5 The Bookbinders Guide to Love Katherine Garbera February 3
6 Mother and Daughter Slavery John Savage February 3
7 Gothikana Runyx February 9
8 The House of the Future - Walt Disney, MIT, and Monsanto's Vision of Tomorrow David A Bossert February 14
9 The Book of Chaos Volume 4: De Profundis Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffrey February 17
10 Alice on the Run - One Child's Journey Through the Rwandan Civil War Gaspard Talmasse and Nanette McGuinness February 18
11 Myth America - Historians Take on the Biggest Legends and Lies About our Past Kevin M. Kruse and Julian E. Zelizer March 1
12 A Molecule Away from Madness - Tales of the Hijacked Brain Sara Manning Peskin March 8
13 The Devil's Element - Phosphorus and a World out of Balance Dan Egan March 16
14 A Day of Fallen Night Samantha Shannon March 22
15 Lady Jane's Sex Slave Jane Foxx March 24
16 Murder Your Employer - McMasters Guide to Homicide Rupert Holmes March 30
17 Versailles - My Father's Palace Labat, Veber, Lemardele and Vitrebert April 1
18 House of Flame and Shadow Sarah J. Maas April 27
19 The Familiar Leigh Bardugo May 4
20 Suze Suze Randall June 4
21 Waves in an Impossible Sea Matt Strassler June 8
22 Sword Catcher Cassandra Clare June 15
23 The Case of the Good Boy John Allison June 16